Xscape Day Spa & Salon

Xscape Day Spa & Salon is truly a sweet escape and while many day spas provide primarily herbal treatments, Xscape combines natural elements with massages and wraps that will satisfy any sweet tooth. Located in downtown Salt Lake City, Xscape offers a delicious selection of body wrap treatments, including the Chocolate Truffle Body Treatment and Cinnamon Mud Wrap, which turn the body into virtual desserts. Xscape also prides itself on having an impressive variety of facial treatments for skin of all ages and types, including treatments for sun damage, wrinkles, oily skin types and pore reduction. For a finishing touch after a day at the spa, Xscape offers a full range of waxing services, manicures, pedicures and a full range of hair color and styling services. To get a body as deliciously enticing as dessert, Salt Lake City's Xscape Day Spa provides delectable and sugary spa treatments without the calories.