The Gamerz Funk, Internet Cafe & Gaming Center

The Gamerz Funk is Utah's premier Internet Cafe and Gaming Center.  With over 100 games on lighting fast computers, you will never have a dull time.
Not a gamer?  Feel free to stop by and surf the net and utilize instant messangers.  We have MSN, Yahoo, Google Talk, and AIM already for you to use.
The Gamerz Funk offers bi-weekly all-night parties for all game enthusiasts.  New game showcases with free time for checking them out.  Dont miss out on our Call of Duty 4 and Counter Strike: Source tournaments.

The Gamerz Funk is Utah's Premier Internet Cafe & Gaming Center. The Gamerz Funk is owned by gamerz for gamerz.

We have over 100 of the hottest games on the fastest computers around. Stop by today and check us out.