Tenant Collection Services , Inc

Tenant Collection Services , Inc

Tenant Collection Services, Inc is a National Debt Collection & Judgment Recovery Agency. Our Agency's sole purpose is to assist landlords & property managers nationwide recover all outstanding rent or security deposit owed by a current or former tenant. Depending on the stage of the debt we offer landlords two primary services to achieve a full financial recovery.     

Debt Collection Services - This FLAT FEE service is typically utilized when your tenant is currently late with the rent. It can also be utilized if the tenant has skip-out leaving behind owed rent and/or damages to the rental property. The first step is locating an ex-tenant, which is accomplished by utilizing the most sophisticated skip-tracing methods available by law, and if necessary using our extensive list of private investigating partners. Most important we don’t need a social security number to find your ex-tenant. Once your tenant is located we begin to send a series of Rent Demand Letters. In addition to letters we contact the tenant directly via phone and if necessary in person.      

We inform them that we were hired by their landlord for owed back rent. In every letter and call we instruct the debtor / tenant to contact (you the landlord) to review the amount that's owed and most important, work out a payment plan (that goes directly to the landlord). If the tenant is still reluctant to pay the owed rent, we then take the necessary steps of reporting them to the three credit agencies. (EQUIFAX, EXPERIAN and TRANS UNION)          

Once a tenant realize they will be reported to the 3 credit bureaus, which will display a negative collection mark on their credit report, making it extremely difficult to rent again or seek employment, a large portion of tenants begin to pay. Unfortunately, you may still have tenants that refuse to pay. At this point we initiate our next step.                 

If the tenant is current living in the rental property we can refer the landlord to one of our many affiliate landlord-tenant lawyers or they can commence the eviction process on their own and most important seek a money judgment from landlord-tenant court. If the tenant has skipped out, we will assist in the preparation of the small claims court paperwork and have it ready for you to file. This part is very critical for the landlord because once the landlord receives a court judgment in their favor (which can be valid for 20 years, with interest). We can now implement our second service.               

Court Judgment Recovery - Once the landlord or property managers receives a court judgment, Tenant Collection Service will use every legal method at our disposal to recover the full amount of the unpaid judgment plus any interest that the judgment has accrued since it was issued. We will track the judgment debtor down even if he or she has moved to another state, and locate any assets that he or she may have. As allowed by state law, we will garnish wages, freeze bank accounts, seize assets and if applicable place liens on any real estate property. Most important we will do so without any notification or confrontation. In short, we will enforce your judgment, and bring your money back home.

Right now some tenant has your hard earned money locked up in their bank account, collecting interest. Call us today to unlock your money and bring it back home to it's rightful owner. Unlike most collection agencies that charge up to 70% of money collected, and of course pay themselves first. We at Tenant Collection Services, Inc. charge a small FLAT FEE and always instruct the tenant (debtor) to pay you the landlord directly. Therefore, you have nothing to lose and only your money to regain.

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