Smith Mediation Services

Avoid the high cost of Attorneys’ Fees and lengthy Court Battles.

Mediation is a voluntary and cost effective alternative to going to Court.

Through Mediation, parties are able to resolve their differences quickly, confidentially and at a fraction of the cost of litigation.   In Utah, Mediation is mandatory in contested divorce cases.


Mediation is ideal for Domestic issues such as Divorce, Child custody, Parent-time, Modifications, Property division, Estate planning and Family disputes. It is also used in Small claims, Debt collection, and neighborhood disputes.


Call me (Melanie Smith) for a free consultation. I have a Postgraduate Certificate in Mediation from the University of Utah.  I’m listed on the Utah State Court Roster of Mediators and a member of the Utah State Bar – Alternative Dispute Resolution Section.


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Phone;  801-518-6941  (also available evenings and weekends)