Shine Collision Repair, Inc

For over 2 decades Shine has been the leading Utah Auto Body Shop alleviating the headaches associated with accidents by providing quality repair service at reasonable prices. We’ll tow your auto to our facility and hook you up with transportation so you can have a little peace of mind. Meanwhile, we’ll be restoring beauty and safety to your vehicle.

Our Mission is a continual journey to improve Quality, Timeliness, Service, and Teamwork in all aspects of Shine Collision Repair by providing an open forum to achieve excellence in automotive repair, painting, and towing. We seek to promote excellence and unity within the company, and acknowledge the Invisible Hand in all things.

* We will reach for excellence within ourselves.
* We will seek profitability in our work.
* We will respond and accommodate to meet the needs of Customers, Vendors and Employees.
* We will demonstrate honesty and integrity in all that we do.
* We will demonstrate respect in all business and employment relationships.
* And “ALWAYS” strive for constant improvement.

There are many things we do to ensure that your vehicle is going to retain its value. First, we make sure that all of our painters are factory certified, and each pain department is spotless.

Secondly, whenever possible we take the parts off the vehicle to paint. This way it is flawlessly matched the way it was done at the factory. Furthermore, our skilled painters use only the highest quality polyurethane paint and baking down draft booths; this technology bakes the vehicle for thirty minutes at 160 degrees and allows the paint to cure correctly.