Cal Elliott's Rye Restaurant: a classic, casually elegant neighborhood restaurant with great food and great cocktails that offers something great for everyone, from an intimate dining experience to a festive group feast to a sandwich and beer at the bar.

Opened in the Spring of 2009, Rye was built, designed, and styled by general manager, Shevawn Norton, and owner/chef, Cal Elliott.

Housed in what once was a bustling turn-of-the-century factory, the restaurant embodies Brooklyn’s living and breathing history – a poignant example of how both past and present continue to coexist harmoniously on Williamsburg’s south side.

With his reverence for Brooklyn’s earlier days in the front of his mind, Cal worked to reveal and refurbish the factory’s original wood-planked floors and restored a 100–year–old mahogany bar with hand-carved oak columns. Keeping with this philosophy, Rye is all restoration. Each tabletop and base is a little different, the doors were rescued from dumpsters, and the windows from an old woman’s attic. In other words, the entire restaurant was designed and constructed by its owner and general manager, all the way down to each unique salt and pepper shaker. With no outside investors, Rye remains true to the DIY spirit and history of the Brooklyn neighborhood in which it resides.

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