Red Rock Brewing Company

One of Utah's perennial favorites, Red Rock Brewing Company follows a simple formula of success: outstanding food, great beer, and excellent service. The Salt Lake brewpub aces all three categories with flying colors, making it a popular destination for locals and travelers alike. A handsome polished wood interior is inviting to the senses, and compliments the delicious food perfectly. Wood fired gourmet pizza bursts with flavor; the rotisserie chicken is mouth-wateringly tender. The beer, too, is not to be overlooked—ten full flavored ales are on tap, each with a unique taste that will have you asking, "may I try another?"

Our brewers are always looking for inspiration. It comes in many ways and leads to many great brewing innovations, like ur award winning Red Rock Rêve, barrel aged Belgian-style triple; the unique, dandelion-based Paardebloem created in conjunction with New Belgium Brewing Company; and Secale, a Bavarian-style doppelbock lager created with High West Distillery and aged in their rye whiskey barrels for six months.
From our wide variety of beers to our hand-crafted sodas, Red Rock's brewers brew it right.