Rawlings Chiropractic


Whether you're looking for relief from severe chronic pain, searching for ways to beat the aches and pains of day-to-day living, or seeking the "holy grail" of optimal health and peak performance, you've come to the right place.

I think you'll find we're a little different from other health care providers. It's not just our commitment to providing first-class health care through natural chiropractic treatments - though that's part of it. And it's not just our great rates that provide a fantastic value for our patients-though that's part of it, too. It's our whole philosophy.

You see, I'm passionate about wellness- your wellness-on a structural, nutritional, even emotional level! And so is my whole team. That's why, once you're out of pain-whether it's back pain, neck pain, headaches, extremity pain, or other problems- we'll teach you how to stay that way while maximizing your "Total Health"... for good!

But that doesn't mean we'll keep you coming back every week for years on end, like some chiropractors do. We'll get to the cause of your problem and correct it naturally and thoroughly so you can get on with your life!


-Chronic Pain
-Arm Pain
-Shoulder Pain
-Hip Pain
-Elbow Pain
-Leg Pain
-Back Pain
-Neck Pain
-Foot Pain
-Heal Pain
-Knee Pain
-Wrist Pain
-Carpel Tunnel Syndrome
-Muscle Spasms
-Slipped Disc
-Golf Related Pain
-Arthritis Pain
-fatigue in muscles or tendons
-Muscular aching, burning, throbbing, shooting, stiffness or stabbing
-Muscle twitching
-Numbness and tingling sensations
-Tingling, burning or aching feelings in the calves, thighs, or feet
-Restless legs/feet
-Lack of energy
-Morning stiffness
-Wake up not feeling refreshed
-Difficulty concentrating
-Difficulty thinking
-Memory loss
-Recurrent migraine or tension-type headaches
-Constipation, diarrhea, abdominal gas, nausea, or heartburn
-Strong urge to urinate, or pain in the bladder
-Diarrhea and/or constipation
-Abdominal pain
-Swelling in fingers or toes, or any type of joint swelling.