Parrish Creek Veterinary Clinic

Parrish Creek Veterinary Clinic

Avian Care at Parrish Creek -

We have the only 2 Board Certified Avian Vets in the state of Utah!

Dr. Folland has worked with birds for over 20 years. He is Board Certified as an Avian Specialist by the American Board of Veterinary Practitioners. He is also the staff veterinarian for Tracy Aviary and treats sick and injured wild birds for Ogden Nature Center. He regularly attends seminars and reads new publications in order to advance his education and techniques for birds. Our entire staff receives ongoing training and new information to provide your bird with the best care possible. All species of birds are welcome here!

Since 1990, Parrish Creek Veterinary Clinic has provided experienced loving care to thousands of pets in need. From dogs and cats to rabbits, birds, exotics and pocket pets, Parrish Creek Veterinary Clinic is where area residents take their pets when they are in need of special care.

Parrish Creek Veterinary Clinic was created to provide excellent veterinary care. Our mission from the beginning has been to give outstanding care to our patients and exception service to their human families.

The heart of our practice is our staff. All of us are hopeless animal lovers. With over 50 years combined experience, we bring a wealth of knowledge of pets and their care. For us, providing you with accurate, up-to-date information on your pets’ needs is a top priority. We spend several hours each month in continuing education and training.

With a skilled staff of graduate veterinary technicians and the latest lifesaving equipment and diagnostics, Parrish Creek Veterinary Clinic is ready to help you and your pet in a heartbeat.