One On One Tutoring

Students in the salt Lake City area deserve the individual attention offered by One on One Tutoring. A full hour of uninterrupted time with an experienced teacher builds skills and increases confidence. Thus, academic progress is maximized for each student. A dedicated staff, combined with instructional programs based on current research, facilitates learning. The individual approach acts as a springboard for students to feel valued, understood, and secure enough to master important skills and concepts, solve problems and develop higher reasoning abilities.

One on One Tutoring offers Reading, Writing, Math-College Calculus, Science (Biology, Physics and Chemistry) and includes organizational, study and test taking skills into every program 4th grade on up.

At One on One Tutoring students soar quickly with the individualized approach. Each student knows that they are working with a professional, caring and dedicated teacher who truly cares about helping them actualize their fullest potential.