Hancock Jewelers

Local artisan shop with the abiliy to create the jewelry of your heart and eye's desire.

Hancock has been locally owned and operated for over 30 years.

Ken Hardwick pieces available directly from the desisgner. Available through out the world at the highest end Galleries. "True Artistry."
Hancock customers have come to expect the finest at the best price for Generational quality jewelery.

There is a difference a discernable difference in Jewelry. The fact is that you "can find" cheaper jewelry. You get what you pay for.

"The thrill of the lowest price is long forgotten as the sting of poor quality remains. "

A Respectable Gentleman will provide genuine diamond set in the finest quality ring that he can . That doesn't mean brake the bank. That simply means that because we understand your objecives, at Hancock we will assist you in finding a beautiful ring to symbolze the commitment you are making to take the very best caqre of her with in your means.

If your income is high yes the ring should be grand. If your budget is low then the ring should be tasteful with the loveliest stone or precious metal which you can provide. Lovely is the key word beautiful and genuine that is what your purchase should be based on.

Buyers who believe that the cheapest is the best, will learn that is not the case with Fine Jewelry.

All of our in house diamonds are of the finest quality and conflict free.

Come in and enjoy learning about diamonds and which is best for you, the one that honors you, your love and your budget before.

No, we are not the cheapest. We are the best.

Beautiful quality diamonds to represent the most important occaisions of your life

Citizen and Pulsar watches available.

In addition to our custom local artistry we carry

Benjamin Cohen and Fedrick Duclous

Finest selection of Genuine Colored Gemstones in the Salt Lake Valley.
Precious Rubies, Saphires, Emeralds, Tanzanites as well as a complete selection of semi precious stones Learn about your favorite gemstones, their history and meaning be stopping in to Hancock Jewelers today. 193 East 12300 south , Draper, Utah.Invest in the best and get the best.

We pride ourselves in knowing that our service and quality are such that once you have purchased a fine piece of Hancock Custom Jewelry. You will have experienced and continue to experience the best .

Hancock Jewelers has been providing wedding and engagement rings for the wasatch's front's most discerning jewelry buyers for over 30 years.

The reality of a diamond is the symbol which you are giving to make the statement about your reality of your love.