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Energetic Essence, Llc

Quantum healing addresses the root causes of illness and disease and creates a space for true healing to occur. Instead of just addressing the symptoms, this healing method addresses the underlying causes of an illness. Your body knows how to bring itself back to one hundred percent wholeness with proper conditions.

Quantum Touch involves the use of a light touch, breath work and intention to infuse the body with a high-vibration, life-force energy. This energy is then directed by the body's intelligence to precisely where it is needed, allowing the body to begin to heal itself physically, emotionally and spiritually.

The Quantum Touch healing method focuses on giving the body back the balance of its energy to facilitate healing without the need for medical intervention, such as medication and surgery. Quantum Touch healing is based on the same principles as other alternative healing practices, which include sound healing and Reiki Therapy. There are several minor differences, such as the way natural healers use touch, breathing exercises and techniques to prepare themselves before beginning a session.

The primary idea behind this energy healing method is that the human body has the capability of healing itself. All people have a different experience with pain and healing in relation to their own body. Quantum touch training helps to facilitate healing in the body to restore a person to spiritual, mental and physical balance. Moreover, it is much safer for the body to be treated holistically

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