Drift Wood Aquarium Furniture

Custom Aquarium furniture. Exquisite attention to detail.

Drift Wood Aquarium Furniture was started by a Reefer who loved the furniture as much as the aquariums them selves. As a custom furniture maker it wasn't a huge jump to design, build and supply amazing aquatic Furniture.

Drift Wood Aquarium Furniture is a spin off of Richins Carpentry inc. Who has been supplying custom pieces for 8+ years. Due to market demand it was time to make it its own entity.
These are designed and build by Reefers for Reefers. We wont discriminate from fresh water keepers either. Several of us keep fresh and fresh water planted tanks also.
What this means to you is we design stands and canopy's as we would want/need them. We understand the need for openness and functionality. We user top line materials and finished for our furniture. No particle board is used in the structural of these. Openings are much wider than the industry standard. We don't strangle you with poor design or ugly furniture ;)
We hope you love them as much as we do.