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Amateur photographer for hire, photography for sale, and a sales representative for Bugnappers Pest Control all in one stop. Photographer: My name is Danielle and I am an amateur photographer with my main focus being on wildlife and candid shots because of the unique ability it offers to really see the world and its inhabitants as they really are. I'm all about comfort, and I firmly believe photography sessions should be fun for everyone so relaxation and open communication are key. Sales Rep.: My name is Amanda and I am not your typical salesman, I hate being pushy and overbearing, and I couldn't do sales for something I didn't believe in. Bugnappers is a locally owned and operated business whose focus is 100% customer satisfaction. So much so, it's guaranteed. The following is a list and quick description of services offered, -Pest Control: Interior and complete exterior sprays, with powerful but totally safe products. Using 8-10 gallons per house with a truck mounted hose we can apply barriers to protect your home from invaders. -Air duct cleaning: Commercial vacuum with high powered rotary brush for a thorough clean that improves air quality in your home as well as making your system more energy efficient. Recommended at least every 2-3yrs, more frequently for pet owners or those with health issues. -Tree/Lawn care: Oils and fertilizers are used to kill overwintering bugs and to make sure it's well fed over the winter and able to produce at it's best come spring, improving both quality and quantity of the tree's production. -Carpet CleaningDuring business hours please call and ask for Amanda for any of your Bugnapper needs at (801) 395-2847. For non-business hours write on the wall or feel free to email me at NOTE: Danielle's hours are not the same as Bugnappers. Feel free to shoot her an email at any time.
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