Burn Your Tongue Hot Sauces

Burn Your Tongue - SSS...Simply Spicy Stuff - Specialty Hot Sauces

We specialize in hot and spicy pepper sauces! We have shelves full of fun, fiery, flavorful products! Our goal: SSS... Simply Spicy Stuff! Located inside The Quilted Bear, Newgate Mall, Ogden

From mild and sweet, up to the heat of the New World's Hottest Peppers - The Moruga Trinidad Scorpion and The REAPER, we have a large selection of spicy pepper products for you to enjoy! In addition to pepper sauces and salsas, we also carry a variety of Fiery Food items. Perfect additions to spice up any occasion! We are continually updating our selection! We look forward to serving Utah's fiery food cravings!

On March 29, 2012, BYT was awarded Best of Utah 2012
"Best Spicy Sampling" by Salt Lake City Weekly!

"Even if you think you’ve got a taste for hot stuff—chilis, salsas, hot sauces and more—it’s always nice to get a chance at trying a new item out before buying a whole scorching bottle. Burn Your Tongue—operating a consignment booth in The Quilted Bear location in Ogden’s Newgate Mall—offers a wide variety of mouth-melting products. But for those who’d rather not purchase blind, there are occasional special Saturday tasting events for a chance to taste-test new products. Keep watch on the site for schedule updates so you don’t miss out on the hottest new thing."