Blue Wave Jetski Rentals

Blue Wave Jetski Rentals

Blue Wave Jetski Rental strives for the highest level of customer satisfaction, whether on the wave-runner, flying through the air with a tube, or just having a great day at the beach, our customers know they got a good deal

We provide jetski rentals throughout the state of Utah including Lake Powell, Willard Bay and Bear Lake.

While on-site rentals are convenient, many shops over-book and over-price their jetskis. This means that you could have your rental reserved for weeks even months and when you get to the lake they won't have a jetski for you! At Blue Wave, we have more rentals in stock than many of our competitors and are affordably-priced for families and small groups.

What make's one jetski rental shop different from the others? Blue Wave is wakes above the rest for several reason but we pride ourselves most on our incredible service and our quality jetskis. Our jetski's are professionally maintained to provide the highest performance and safety for you. Many rental shops have out-dated and poorly maintained models. Blue Wave provides the latest models that are inspected after every use so every ride is a great time.

Every trip to Utah should include at least one day of on the lake fun and jetskiing is the perfect activity. Whether it's a family, a group or a couple's trip jetskis add a fun element to any vacation. If you're planning a vacation in Utah and want to do some wave riding call Blue Wave today at (801) 923-8185!

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