The Best Place to see the Sunset in Utah is at The Great Salt Lake
On the way to the Great Salt Lake we pass by Wetland Bird Habitat and wild Antelope. See the beautiful lake from the look-out point. Walk in the water, Soaking in our lake has it's many rejuvenating health benefits.

A visit to Salt Lake City is never complete without this tour. The Great Salt Lake is six times more salty then all of the oceans around the world.

'Our own Dead Sea! one of the 12 wonders of the world!
'Learn the history of the lake and how it became salty
'See the wetlands habitat and migratory ocean birds
'Visit the harbor and Lookout Point over the water
'Walk on silver sand beaches
'Take a swim and float like a cork
'See inside historical salt air and gift store

Early explorers thought the Great Salt Lake was an inland extension of the Pacific Ocean, or that a river connected the lake to the ocean. Some Indians and early settlers thought the it was inhabited by a terrible monster with an enormous head. Its legends are an intriguing part of Utah's landscape and history. Sunset tours.

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