Hear the story of the early Mormon Pioneers of 1847 while exploring This is the Place heritage monument. See the Olympic Village where the athletes stayed and see the Olympic stadium where the opening and closing ceremonies took place. See the Governors Mansion (Tour Permitting). Stroll through the Utah State Capitol and view the entire valley from the Capitol steps. Visit historic temple squares gardens and grounds and catch unparalleled views from the Joseph Smith Memorial Buildings 10th floor west and east facing panorama windows. Catch an Organ recital at 12 pm or 2 pm at either the tabernacle or the conference center. You will be dropped back of at your hotel lobby in good fashion.

  1. Explore This is the Place heritage monument'
  2. See the Olympic Village and Olympic Stadium'
  3. Tour the Governors Mansion (Tour Permitting)
  4. Stroll Through the Iconic Utah State Capitol and view the valley from its steps
  5. Visit all the great buildings on Temple Square; Tabernacle that was built in 1867, Visitors Center, Genealogy Library, Church Museum, and the Joseph Smith Memorial Building which was originally built as a hotel in 1909-1911 which was the biggest Hotel west of the Mississippi.
  6. Daily Organ Recitals in the tabernacle at 12 pm and in the Conference Center at 2 pm ( we try to cater each tour around a start time where the Organ Recital will be part of the tour)

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