Pickup from your local hotel in a nice comfortable mid size suv or van depending on your group size. We will drive 20 minutes out to the great Salt Lake and stop at two visitor centers, one of which is the historic Salt -Air. You can catch see monkeys or swim in the lake and we guarantee that you will float like a cork. We will drive to the Marina and view para- sailing and small boat sailing. We will drop you off at your hotel or Temple Square depending on your days itinerary.

Pick up from your local hotel which time of pickup is very flexible. Visit the worlds second largest inland sea which is called Americas Dead Sea due to its 18%-21% Salt to water ratio. The Dead Sea in Israel id 24% Salt to water ratio.The Great Salt Lake is home to Brine shrimp which are formally know as sea monkey which come in vast colors and are available to to take home if you want to catch some. Next you will visit the historic location of the Salt-air which was home to Utahs water playground from 1893 to about 1926. The great Salt Lake serves as a sanctuary and migratory point to over 250 bird species. Leisurely stroll the silver sands beaches and take a swim in the lake, we guarantee you will float like a cork. Feel the rejuvenating power in the salt as it cleanses your body. You will be dropped off at your hotel or Temple Square if you would like to attend and organ recital which are open to the public at 12 pm and 2 pm daily.

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