We drive a short 20 minutes out to the Great Salt Lake. We stop at two iconic stops which are the historic location for the Great Salt- Air and the Great Salt Lake Marina. We enjoy the atmosphere as the sun sets against water minerals creating the perfect colors of oranges, deep reds and even pinks for our perfect sunset. We drop back off at your local hotel. Thanks you for coming and sweet dreams

Visit the worlds second largest inland sea. The Great Salt is about 21% compared to the dead sea at 24%. The Great Salt Lake is home to the Brine Shrimp which are better known as sea monkeys. There are vast colors of sea monkeys and we will help you catch your own to take home if you wish. The first stop we will take is home to the historic Great Salt-Air which was Americas dead sea playground from 1893 to the mid 1920s. The Second Stop is the Marina Where will see the Sunset against the mineral filled water that produces brilliant colors. We will Drop you back off at your hotel or downtown restaurant or wherever you wish to continue the evening.

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