The first stop is the Fielding-Garr ranch house where the first settlers came. The second stop is overlook point. The third stop is the Buffalo Island grill where you can eat a Bison Burger and wade into the Great Salt Lake. The fourth and final stop is the visitors center.

Pickup from your hotel with a very flexible time that suits your groups needs. Visit the worlds second largest inland sea via Antelope island.The Great Salt is about 21% compared to the dead sea at 24%. The Great Salt Lake is home to the Brine Shrimp which are better known as sea monkeys. There are vast colors of sea monkeys and we will help you catch your own to take home if you wish. Walk along some of the finest beaches and and see the many species of birds that surround the lake. Experience the vast views of the islands rolling green hills filled with over 500 Bison. See Antelope, Coyotes, Big Horn Sheep and more.'We will Drop you back off at your hotel or downtown restaurant or wherever you wish to continue the evening.

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